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Ab training

Sup dogs? As some of you know, im a cheerleader and as such i get to do back flips like every day. My only problem is my abs are constantly sore from doing them. Im convinced that back tucks are the best ab exercise ever. But i was just wondering if there was any reason to do extra ab work since my abs are always sore.

Goldberg, no offense, but every damn time I’m reading down a thread and come across some male cheerleading comment my testicles shrivel just a little bit.

Probably not. Doing cheerleading stuff sounds like it requires core stability at all times, and if you they’re sore anyway, don’t sweat it. If there’s some part of abdominal training that you think you’re neglecting, then definitely train that element. You can never do too many vacuums…

Damn, you’re still yapping about that cheerleader stuff? Don’t forget to work on those vocal chord stabilizers, wouldn’t want you to come down with vocal chordinitis mid-cheer.

Hey Doogie Howser, I really dont give a fuck what you think. I talk about cheerleading because it is a huge part of my training. And i thought thats what this forum was for. We dont do any ra-ra shit. Its really nothing like you think. Ever tried holding a girl over your head with one hand and then popping it over to your dominant hand without her falling. I doubt you could do that ever. Thanks Mr. Santillo for your reply.

Im just going to forgive you since you have no fucking idea what your talking about. Cheerleading is about competing, not cheering at games. That makes up about 1 percent of the whole fucking deal.

Goldberg, just ignore those morons. They obviously have no idea how athletic real cherleading is and have major insecurity issues that make them feel the need to bag on you. I mean, jesus, even if cheerleading were a wussie activity, why the hell would someone feel the need to go out of their way just to make you feel badly about it? What shitheads.

Goldberg - to answer your original post, I agree with Doug, you should still train your abdominals. The obliques should also get some work as well.

Now, as for cheerleading . . . I cheered in school and didn’t receive any shit from others. For my school, I was a pretty big guy at the time, 6’2" 215. From what I’ve been reading about you, you sound like a thick mofo (230+). I’m sure no one gives you any shit except for these guys who don’t understand the sport (stunting).

Doing back flips and holding chics over your head is cool shit if you ask me. How hard is it to do a back flip anyway? What about forward flips and doing a run of flips in a row? I’m assuming your not very tall Goldberg?

Goldberg man, Cheerleading is a gay thing to be doing. You are a eunuch if you do it dude. Even so, i’m not here to rag on you. I would definately add in some AB work (it may be best to take a week off and really build up the strength of your AB’s) By the sounds of it, your not allowing enough rest time between training (everyday! as well as weights and whatever else you do!). I would definatley look into taking a week of and doing some westside stuff maybe, hell, spend the whole week working AB’s, you’ll come back stronger and less sore than before. As for what I said earlier, thats what i think man, but if your cool with it then no-one else’s opinion should matter. Keep it real dude. JM.

How did you learn to do flips, is their any way to work up to it without mats?

Im around 6 ft tall. it really wasnt hard for me to learn how to do tucks. my vertical is over 35 inches so ive always had plenty of time to do them. you just have to get over the fear of doing them. Its best if you get someone to teach you how and to spot you. I dont get a chance to get breaks from cheerleading so overtraining is something i have to deal with.

Goldberg I’m not sure your abs should hurt that much.