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Ab Training

There wa sa post here couple days back about training abs.

It got me thinking.

I am curious here how everyone here train there abdominals? How do yuo periodize them? Do you periodize them? When do you sequence them in your workout? Do you do warm-up sets per abdominal exercise? Whats your reps? Whats your tempo? Rest periods? How many sets? When you do you change the variation of diffiulty or exercise selecetion? Are you doing mainly trunk flexion? Or do you have a balance of trunk/hip flexion? Any rotation exercises? And if so are they both trunk and hip rotation?

Wood choppers, cable/DB/BB side bends. Cable crunch, leg raise, roller, planks.

Usually weighted and in a superset fashion with DL’s or squats. Usually 10x3-5. Will also add higher rep stuff and long plank holds etc.

Just mix it up.

Whatever I feel like doing that day, with one heavy day and one medium day per week. Usually one flexion and one rotation.