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Ab Training

This is a reply to the post by Jason N in the Dog Pound. Since I cannot post anything there yet, I will do it here.

I like to split up my abs into two sections.

  1. Linear flexion and rotation. (upper and lower abs)

  2. Core

I will do ab 1 before my push workout
and then do ab 2 before my pull workout.

The linear flexion consists of sit ups, leg ups, hanging leg raises, pike situps, and standing wheel rolls.

The rotation consists of russian twists and lying leg twists.

The core movements (hardest ab workout in my opinion) consist of saxon side bends, bent press, windmills, and a weird stability move that involves being in a push up position, lifting one leg and the opposite side arm, and balancing on the remaining hand and foot.

That’s about it with my ab work, how bout yours?

I’m wondering if you can help me out. I’m a relative newcomer, and needing to a good ab routine. Have done some others on t-mag, and now need a new program. I saw your posting, but don’t understand the movements such as…Saxon side bends, bent presses, windmills and the last one you m entioned. Can you explain them to me or lead me to a site that can. Thanks very much.

Lorne - All of those exercises have been described in T-mag with pics. Just run a search on the T-mag main page. I think the “Real Abs” article has many of them.

TEK:Thanks very much for the lead. I appreciate it!