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ab training

what sort of loading paramters (reps, sets, rest periods, and excersizes) would you guys suggest for “flattening” my abs. currently they buldge out 2-3 inches around my navel. thanks.

This lower ab “bulge” is often due to tight hip flexors forcing the pelvis to be anteriorly rotated. I think I developed this problem mostly because I did squats for years without stretching properly. However, I’ve made quite a bit of progress toward correcting it by doing lots of stretching, lower ab work and incorporating more “hip-dominant” exercises into my training.

Yeah - agree with Jake here. I also find that when I’m eating heaps, sorry - HEAPS, my abs stick out from all the excess food and larger liver from all the protein. I find whenever I then go onto a diet phase I get my superflat abs back. Of course, in dieting phases I tend to do a lot more stretching as well.

seems like sound advise. what do you recommend for stretching my hip flexors ?

There are lots of variations of the hip flexor stretch, but here’s one to try. Get down on one knee with the other foot in front as in the bottom position of a lunge. Put a towel or something down under your knee for padding. Put your hands behind your head and keep your trunk upright. Now push you pelvis forward by simultaneously contracting your abs and the glute on the side you are stretching. You can increase the stretch by flexing the trunk sideways away from the stretching side. In addition, pulling the stretch-side heel to the glute while in this position also increases the stretch. Hope this isn’t too confusing.

Check out Ian King’s ab program!! Tip: 50 reps for abs is as useful as 50 reps for biceps!!