Ab Training Frequency

How often should someone train their core?

Do abs recover faster than other muscle groups. I was planning on training my abs on the same days I do my fullbody lifting(3x a week). But I might not have time. So is it okay to train them on the days I dont lift? The only reason I’m worried about training my core on my non lifting days is that my lowerback might be sore from the deadlifts I do on my fullbody routine.

So when is training abs the best? Can someone work their abs and lower back everyday?

Ive heard that you can by some and you cant by others. But I went with the you can party. I do decline mid air situps, decline mid air crunches, decline mid air twists, and straight & rounded back extensions mon-fri. But I do higher reps for 2 sets each. But just because my good genetics can doesnt mean that you might be able to. So take caution at first and dont over do it. Work your way into it.

Best of luck,

I also forgot to add side bends in there.I thought I was forgetting something.


my throwing coach, for track and field, recently told me that he read somewhere that the best for improving core strength is a little bit almost every day. it seems that abs and such do recover faster, but i could be way off on this.

i think its a personal thing…i have done them every day for high reps and 2-3 days a week for low reps with weight and found the weight training for abs to be better. you might want to try both and see which works better for you.

if your lifting you generally dont need a ton of ab work, i’d suggest, doing 5 sets of 25 crunches to cap off each workout, or mix and match exercises to total that…that should be enough, your core is already working hard enough during lifting.