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Ab Training for Atheletes and Babehounds questions

I have done this routine twice (once per week starting last week), and have found it amazing. I think that after having cycled through Ian King’s latest ab regimen a few times, my muscles had acclimated. They are now sore for the first time in quite a while.

Questions: 1) this IS a once-a-week program, right? I don’t think the article spelled it out, but that was the impression I got.
2) Is this a program you would recommend for everyone? I am wondering specifically about the Gagne’s Cyclone. I am about 6’4" and 210 and that seemed like a lot of torque on my lower back, and I couldn’t get the full rotation that was shown in the illustration. I know Christian Thibaudeau mentioned using it for hockey players, so I guess I’ll just hope it gets easier…?

Glad you asked. When I do the cyclones, i just twist my hips so I lie on one hip. Then I just move my left-up, or right-up. This way I don’t feel it in my lower back but in my abs. Keep your hip static, move only your arms; it works.

ditto to Hark. I completely break up my ab workouts throughout the week. I’m not interested in having sore abs for 3 days! It would interfere with the other lifts. I train abs just enough that they’ll be healed by the next training session. PS: there have been other threads on this. One by Mufasa, one by grooveless.