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Ab Structure of Various Bodybuilders

Very curious what some of the older, more experienced guys think.

When you look at the abs on Sergio Nubret

Or Frank Zane

They look distinctly different, at least to me, compared to someone like Lee Haney:

Do you guys believe this is a genetic thing? Or is it related to muscle maturity/volume of working the abs? Their level of leanness?

I surely would want my abs to look like Nubret’s vs Haney’s but my structure (if based mostly on genetics) leans towards the latter.

While not the best looking abs or ‘age of the mid section for bodybuilders’, here is a likely better comparison of structure

Part of the difference between Nubret and Zane, against Haney, is that Haney got into good condition but not great like they did.

I wasn’t sure if it was overall conditioning that brings out that
’alternating brick structure’ versus the 'brick stacked on top of brick’
structure but you’re right, definitely could be a factor.


That’s a lot of letters after your name to never have heard of the linea alba and tendinous inscriptions.

What you’re referring to - whether someone has a perfect 6-pack or staggered abs or crooked rows of abs or a symmetrical 4-pack vs an asymmetrical 5-pack - is entirely 100% genetic. Training can increase abdominal musculature and drop body fat, but the end result of how the 2/4/5/6/8-pack actually look can’t be manipulated by any training or diet.


Lol, shouldn’t respond via email. Interesting, thanks for the response!