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Ab Strap Exercises

I have elbow tendonitis and am unable to press or pull with my hands. I have bought some ab straps to do thibs armless lat pulldowns (A lat pulldown with your arms inside the straps, driving the straps down with your elbows).

This is a great way to work my lats however I don’t know any other exercises I can do without using my hands. Any ideas?

I have my team do cable rows with the ab straps. Other than lat pulldowns and cable rows I havent ound anything else thats too practical.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:

depending on price I might pick one or two of them up.

thanks, Ive tried doing chest and shoulders with regular straps but never got it to feel right…

I just hang from the straps and do static holds lasting 60-120 seconds.

I might look into grabbing one of those looks awesome. Thanks bones!

hey BoneZ

Have you used one of those? How do you like it if you have?

pullover machine, + any exercise involving cable attaching the cable to the wrist.