Ab Strain: Recovery (Squats and Rehab)

I’ve been doing light weights at home (I weigh 140 and i box squat 70; 3 reps of 10) for an year now. Thrice a week (along with bicep and chest exercises). I also use a bike twice a week.

I developed ab strain (confirmed by doc that its not hernia) during a recent cruise vacation. Cause of ab strain unknown (likely from severe stomach cramps due to lactose intolerance) but it was not an exercise injury (no exercise performed 5 days before the symptoms).

As for the pain, its mild and in the right lower abdomen. Hurts while sitting up or bending forward; no pain otherwise. I have never had ab strain or hernia before.

My questions are:

  1. What should my strategy to get back be? I’ve fully rested for over 2 weeks. My ab strain has subsided but is not fully gone. Tested squatting with 50 lbs and it does not cause any pain and didn’t seem to aggravate the strain. Should i wait until the ab strain is fully gone?

  2. Are there any PT or rehab exercise that i can do for ab strain to accelerate recovery?

Thanks and much appreciated in advance.

try my prescriptions in my low back pain thread… I could see this being tight hips in a big way.

Try it out for a day or two, and if you don’t get almost immediate relief, post back, and I’ll try to think of something else fo you.

Had an ab strain as well a while back - bad form on squats

Do step ups light weight - many reps, perfect form. No messing around with form or you can aggravate your strain

Dumbbell rows - brace your core and maintain good form


That should take care of it, in the meantime if it flares up use ice

Thank you both very much.

Will try the plank and tight hip tips and report back.

Have 10 days xmas break starting this fri which i hope will help rest up (or more importantly not have to sit at work all day which does hurt) and get back to activity.