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AB-Solution Toning Lotion?

Yesterday i strolled by to GNC and bought this product called Ab-Solution. It’s a toning lotion made from Vyo-Tech.

I’m curious if anyone has tried it, found that it worked or simply has heard of any side-effects with this product?

If so would you guys/gals be a doll and give me some info. Thank you.

toning lotion? I would jump all over this, if it wasn’t for me buying 11-T, lol.

I wouldn’t count on it doing much though.

I have not heard of it.

Look up the ingredients in Poliquin’s Lean Legs product. It is a cream that figure athletes supposedly rub on problem areas (which I take it the means the product is used near competition time, when body fat levels are at their lowest) and supposedly helps to burn a bit more fat tissue. Not sure how it works, but it might be via the Yohimbine HCL. I wish there’d be some studies on the use of Y-HCL for such applications, because I’m now curious.

See if the Ab-Solution has the same ingredient or similar stuff in it than Lean Legs. Probably won’t do anything, though.

lol you could have just bought prep-H imo…

I’ve used both and prep-H works way better. Honestly I think that neither should be used unless you are a week out from a show and only retaining water over your abs and not fat.

If prep-H can dry up a hemhorroid then I’m sure it can suck some h20 out of fat cells…

now enough of me giving out my secrets…lol


Wow thanks everyone. I’m going to take it back now, get my money back. :wink: