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Ab Shredder and Interval Fat Loss

Hi Chris,

I’m heading into a fat loss phase. I recently read your article on thibarmy about different approaches to fat loss and I’m interested in trying your interval method.

However, I would only want the cut to last 8 weeks.
So I believe I need a somewhat slightly faster, more aggressive approach than the one you describe (saying that the interval method is not as intensive as the sprint method).

I’m 179 cm tall and I currently weigh about 80 kg, at a bf % of about 16-18. My maintenance should be around 2,500 kcal a day and I’m currently eating 3,000 (worked up to that number in the course of 4 months, starting at 2,600).

How would you approach that?

Also, on a side note, I’m currently doing your BDW program and I plan to do BDW2 during the fat loss phase.
I’m interested in trying out the “ab Shredder” workout you once posted an article about. Since I’m already training 6 days a week, I’m unsure how to implement that.

I would also like to hear your thoughts on doing cardio while on BDW2 with the addition of the ab Shredder.

Thank you!