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Ab Routine

Hi everyone. I have been a T-man for quite some time now, and love the sport of bodybuilding. I wanted to share with everybody an ab routine i created that i truely believe in. I and some friends have seen great results from it and would like to know what you guys think. It combines a POF style with low reps/high weight protocal because to what most people dont know, the abdominals are a phasic muscle group. neways here it is:

Hanging Knee raises 3x6 reps
Cable kneeling crunches 3x4-6 reps
*Sicilian (Crunches using a swiss ball) 3x4-6

*-Scilian crunches are one of my favorite exercises, especially using a swiss ball because of the deep range of motion you can get. You can find out how to do it on t-mag. Also here is another routine you can alternate from week to week with the one above if you like variety.

Hanging knee raises 5x4-6
Sicilian Crunches   5x4-6

As you can see i am partial to full range of motion exercises and have obtained great results from these programs. But im sure as you all know, no matter how hard you train you still wont see your abs with a mound of fat over them. So be sure your bodyfat is where it should be when training abs. I would really really apprieciate everyone trying this routine and SEND ME SOME FEEDBACK! Id love to get a response from atleast one person. As a side note, sicilian crunches are great and will have you lying in ur bed crying the next mourning, i first started with a 25 pound dumbell and now use a 50. But no program lasts forever. NOW GET TO THE GYM AND BLITZ THAT BELLY!