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Ab Routine for the Out of Shape

Hi all,
Advice please from anyone who can help. Due to an injury to my back I sustained from working out in 2007, I’ve spent the past couple of years in therapy and unable to work out for most of the time.

I am now slowly back in the gym, but have lost weight and muscle mass. My abs are in need of much training as well.
Can anyone please suggest a good workout of the abs for someone in my situation?
many thanks to all who can help,

IMO…worry about everything else first and abs last.
When your stength is back to pre-injury levels is the time to begin focus on abs.

Two things…

1st… aren’t you a personal trainer?

2nd… I had to go back and check post history to be sure i wasn’t confusing you with someone else and i saw you keep posting the same thing over and over as a new thread.

Why so many threads that start out with the whole back injury/layoff thing and then ask for a different thing. one for forarms, one for workout program in general, one for abs, etc, etc.

I’m not a personal trainer but i would say start real slow and add a little bit each workout. Not that hard. I think you are really working yourself up over this.

Stop thinking so much. Start working out, very light and with maybe one excercise per body part including abs. Slowly increase weight, sets, excercises as you feel you can if there has been no pain.

You don’t need some special program when you are out of shape. You just need consistency and to be careful round your injury.

It sounds like you need to see a professional. After seeing your other posts it would be irresponsible to dispense the advice/guidance you need in an on-line forum.