Ab Pull or Reoccurring Hernia?

I am having reoccuring pain in my groin area in the same spot as a previous hernia operation. Bending over is a bit of a strain. I have been to a doctor who wanted me to quit lifting for three weeks. Cardio is ok. He perscribed 800 mg Motrin 3x daily. its been a week with no change. What do you all think, abdominal pull or reoccuring hernia? Any ever had laproscopic surgery? If so, how long was the recovery??

Hey Bro,

Sorry to hear that you can’t lift for awhile. I know how much of a drag that can be.

I can’t help with any advice on hernia surgery, but I do want to warn you about Motrin. I had messed up my knee a few years back and went on lots of Motrin and other anti-inflamatory medicines. They really messed up my stomach something fierce. I have to take Nexium every day and have been on it over 3 years now just to feel normal.

Bottom line is make sure you eat plenty right before taking the Motrin and don’t stay on it a moment longer than you have to.

Good luck to you!

Thank for the advice. I took my last one at 2:30AM. I’m done.

I’m no expert but had a similar experience a few years back. The pain was so bad I couldn’t work out. I went my doctor, to check for a hernia he didn’t find one, he refered me to a specialist who didn’t find one either. I had to stop working out, it hurt to even sneeze. I got fat from not working out, went to a hernia clinic, was told I had a hernia, but needed to loose 30 pounds before surgery. The pain got a bit better, so it took my time losing the weight. About a year later I started working out again, and then the pain came back, right as I started to get heavy into ab work.

I had lost enough weight for the surgery, so I went back to the clinic. Two doctors examined me and said it was a groin strain. Where were those guys a couple of years earlier? They told me to rest it for a 3 or 4 weeks, and soak it in a hot bath. Of course I didn’t listen, as it was the start of ball season. So I took a week off of all exercise, soaked, and stretched it more. I upped my fish oil consumption, and went to an ART specialist, and I was able to get back to lifting and play ball all summer, with minimal discomfort It is still a bit tight, but only bothers me if I do lunges now. My advice would to just go with the rest and stretching. Then when resuming activities, just make sure to stretch it out. I would start taking a fish oil product immediately to handle the inflamation.

I personally just ordered some of the new Biotest Flameout! it looks really good, but if money is an issue a cheaper product like Costco brand will do. A good ART specialist can also do wonders if there is one in your area, but most of all you are going to have to rest it, to give it a chance to heal up. If it is a hernia it definetly won’t feel better with rest.