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Ab Movement

idk where to put this so i jus figured here. anyway i was doing situps at home in front of the mirror today and on the negative my left uppermost abdominal muscle felt like it cramped so i shot up and it was still cramped.

i looked at it closely and every other ab muscle was relaxed except that one, it was still contracted almost under my ribcage! after a few painful seconds i watched it slowly slide back into place which was like a scary movie so what gives? wtf was that?

Stop doing situps

I know exactly whats happening. happens to me a lot whenever i do ab work, in the exact same place. for me, it feels like the ab is almost popping out and i have to massage the muscle back down. i just stopped doing situps, and focus on planks and squats and deadlifts to help with the abs. i dont feel like ive lost anything.

I had same prob. twice try drinking magnium for 2-4 weeks at 2x bigger doses then are offered it helped me …(i drinked 5 caps 3x a day only side efect is if you use to much magnium u will get diarhea . Good luck i hope i helpt some one

Thanks a lot for the information! I googled magnesium and abominal cramps and got some more information on the topic. It also says that it’s the reason I used to get leg cramps and restless leg syndrome-type symptoms at night. You just saved me a trip to the doctor and a lot of worrying.