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Ab/Lower Back Workout

ok im doing rippetoe’s starting strength (with some other stuff added)

now i really wouldnt want to injure myself or anything since that will take away months of training etc, and for all the other good reasons, i know that a strong core is very important.

is there some workout(preferably “safe”) that i could add to train lower back/abs more so that i have a strong core? i dont care for 6 packs or anything, i just dont want to end up getting injured out of overzealousy.

preferably something that i can do even at home. i dont mind if its hard, the faster i make a strong lower back/abs the more my deadlift/squats will increase and safely

Planks work really well for me.

There’s a whole library of things you can do. PLanks are good, you can also try out supermans, accordions, bicycles, T-twists. If you can get your hands on a stability ball you can add loads of challenging variations as well.

Weighted decline situps and goodmornings. Do a twist exercise for obliques like russian twists. Do them at the end of your workouts. Do them on Friday the first time you go heavy so DOMS doesn’t bother you on your next workout.

1 arm deadlifts

Starting Strength has plenty of “core” work.