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Ab Issue


When i flex my abs hard or do direct core work, the left side of my rec Abs and obliques seems to do more work, flex harder and usually, when i work it pretty hard, i get very strong muscle cramping, but it is always the left side.

any advice for me on how to fix this? might be a mind muscle issue on the right side, or maybe an imbalance causing the issue. Just need other opinions and ideas

here is a pic of abs, left side obliques flex way harder and it shows. that second ab on the left side flipped out on me today and locked up for a good 30 seconds


Oh damn! Jason Statham!


i get that .. a lot lol


Try the unilateral stuff...

Dead Bugs
Side Planks (w/ vest if you have available)
Cable woodchops
Cable pallof press


Unilateral work seems to be the answer for most other imbalances, should work for abs.