Ab Frequency

I’m bringing this up because last night my MA instructor said that it’s okay to work the abs everyday (or nearly everyday). I’ve also read the same thing from reputable sources, and I’ve read that you shouldn’t work them any more often than the other muscle groups from reputable sources. I’m confused, can I get some insight into this?

I guess the only answer you can find is to work them everyday for awhile and just keep track of your progression. If you aren’t progressing then you can’t hit them everyday because they need proper 48 hour recovery.

The answer is simple yet difficult.
Train them as frequently as you can handle, as long as you can recover, and as long as your making progress. I believe this axiom applies to all muscles but there has to be a balance of give and take.

I could see doing unweighted ground crunches daily. but weighted ab training?

fuck that.

Your abs GET trained every day. Do BJJ? They worked out on the mat. Deadlift? Isometric contraction helps stabalize your spine.

From personal experience, I find doing abs every Monday Wednesday Friday work great. I used to do them 4-5 a week, and I never got any results. From doing weighted planks, variation of situps, and just doing squats/deadlifts i’ve gotten a stronger core than I ever have before.