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Ab Fat Belt



Now I have seen people like Jay Cutler use a towel around his mid section. Which he never said why exactly he was doing it only he was doing contest prep mode. Now I see this product out. Is there something about working out with a warm midsection to aid in abdominal fat loss?


Yes. There was an article here a couple years ago about "spot reduction" in the abdominals by using a similar trick. Whether it works or not in practice, no idea. To a visually significant degree I mean, the concept is fairly sound but there's always a difference between concept and reality (or science study and gym reality for example :slight_smile: ).


$80.00 are they fucking high????


Ever think that the pressure from the belt/towel merely shifts some subcutaneous water away and gives your abs the "I just got out of bed" look?

Sounds gimmecky to me. Heat and metabolic rate are certainly correlated but it isn't so simple.

If it were wouldnt people who wear the plastic trash bag suits and people doing hot-yoga be super shredded then?


They're fucking crazy. Why spend 80 buck when you could try the same thing super cheap with a thick towel and a weight belt or couple sweatshirts or whatever??? I'm not spending 80 bones on a gimmick even if conceptually it could work. I MIGHT be persuaded to work on that for $5 or for free. $80 is robbery.


Woah ..80 bucks ..are they freaking crazy. Who would buy that?


oh I'm sure plenty of people the one's who have bigorexia or whatever it's called but people with some training knowledge laugh haha at that pricepoint


Yep. From Lonnie Lowery:

I actually used something similar for the last few months and have been happy with the results. I'm pretty convinced it played a part in having the overwhelming majority of fat loss come from my waistline/love handles.

Lowery recommended wearing a lifting belt backwards to maintain warmth, but I tried it a few times and found it awkward. Instead, I applied a bit of topical capsaicin (same product pictured above. And it's only $8, not $80) and did a few sets of high-rep ab work before, and sometimes during, regular lifting sessions.

Only downside was learning by trial and error how much is too much. It is, after all, freaking capsaicin. Putting on too much at once or getting it on your hands burned like crazy.


When I was in high school I had a teammate that used to put some type of ointment on his stomach to burn the fat off. It worked really well, but to this day I can not remember what it was.


I actually went into the store looking for Icy Hot or Tiger Balm, since Lowery talked about warmth and increased blood flow being the goal, but reading the labels I saw those were primarily menthol. The capsaicin liquid caught my eye and I was like, "Yep, that'll do."


not sure if you need the heat, and theoretically I think it would be bullshit. But some of the people I've seen with the best vtapers use weight belts in the gym, maybe it acts like those extreme garters people used to use in back in the day idk.


You know I had the same thought the other day about weight belts. That it might have a corset type effect on anyone wearing it to much.


can somebody please try all these methods on the left half of the abs for 12 weeks and post before/after pictures?


While every old book will echo the ol "you can't spot reduce" approach, there seems to be some recent thinking that increasing blood flow to certain areas can somehow play a role in release and use of fatty acids. I know that as far back as Duchaine writing about his approach with topical yohimbine if I recall correctly, BBers have been spreading ideas of Preperation-H and saran wrap, although I personally wouldn't put much faith in such an approach.

Glad we've got Colucci to use himself as a guinea pig and share his stories :wink:



Agreed with you. As I said before, the concept is biologically sound/plausible (not the preparstion H, the other), but I think at most this is going to be that last 1% of stage ready fat. This isn't the populace's idea of "spot reducing"---which is why a) I said what I did in my first post and b) will never refer to this in public as "spot reduction".


I'd be concerned about sweating and having said capsaicin run down...ouch.


Well I agree physiologically it makes sense. One of the biggest problems with stubborn fat is lack of blood flow and lack of receptors to activate fat release. So hypothetically if you can increase both you'd be able to spot reduce. Does the joe or Jane need this no. They need to focus on diet and training consistently. Now many of the readers here probably could benefit possibly.


I used topical yohimbe paired with this on top:

for cardio in the past and got good results.

Was it the extra cardio or the belt + yohimbe? I don't know. I was already lean, but had stubborn lower ab fat, and this seemed to help. I could have just been extra water loss for all I know, because wearing the belt on top of the yohimbe cream for cardio made me sweat around my waist like crazy.