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Ab Exercises


I read in one of the articles that you should do abdominal excercises standing up. I was wondering if there was anyone out there with some creative suggestions/advice. I can't think of many standing ab lifts myself. Thanks for the input.


Saxon side bends, Full contact twists, there are more and I think there are a few articles that describe how to do them on this site. I dont remember which ones however.


Easy- go to a high cable pulley, put on the rope handle, let it go round either side of your neck. Grab it and curl your torso down. I stand a little away and facing the pulley, but play with where you stand and you'll find different angles to work at. You can also use an elastic band with the middle over a pullup bar or something.


Well, side bends do wonders for me. Also try Saxon side bends. I (finally) noticed thbat deads work my abs: I brace myself so hard my ribs hurt (I keep a very tight arch). Also, my transverse got sore from deads...

IMHO, one of the best (still to try the full lever and L-sit, though this is the only exercise of the three to work the abs in concentric contraction) ab exercises EVER is the hanging leg raise. Just be sure to touch your chest with your knees and NOT swing. Do them slowly. I'm also starting to train the lever (it hurts like hell!!!). I know these two are not standing, but...


Well, not exactly standing... more exactly the opposite (but it's not sitting or lying, so maybe it'll fit the bill for you). My favorite ab exercise (may or may not have a name):

Get up on the pullup bar. Actually the two parallel handles work better, but anything you can hang from works. Keeping your legs straight and your torso more or less perpendicular to the ground, lift your legs above your hands. Don't swing as this will render the exercise useless.

This can be hard the first time you try it. If needed, bend the knees a little.

It's basically like a v-up, but you go from completely straight to very bent, and get a lot more resistance from gravity.


I would have to say that the best functional core exersise would be the full contact twist.


These are called "hanging pikes". Great exercise, too!


Side presses, bent presses, Windmills, Turkish get-up (lying down to standing up) Saxon Side Bends are all great standing exercises that work the abs. Other great ab exercises include:

Headstand leg raises, hanging leg raises, and Ab wheel roll outs.

Mike Mahler


Coach Davies' article Real Abs has pictures and descriptions of some of the exercises mentioned by others.

Check it out at http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459681


My favorite standing ab movement is actually not an ab movement at all.

I put my weighted vest on, usually 50lbs. I then do standing hops. Simply place both feet together and try to cover as much ground as possible (depends on available space) in 10 hops.

Take a few breaths and turn around and perform an additional 10 hops. I do this (back and forth) ten times for 100 hops. As the sets move on I take longer rests between the set of 10.

Also, perform this movement on grass or mats. It's a bit hard on the joints otherwise.

You won't believe how much this movement affects the abs. You will also feel it in your hips and legs as well.

If you have never tried this movement you are in for a surprise!