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Ab Exercises That Aren’t Boring?


I’ve neglected ab training for too long. What are some abs and core exercises that aren’t too boring.




They are all boring. Just get the work done.

Variety helps. Have about 5 you rotate.

I rotate:

Stir the pot, straight leg raises into knee ups, plank flows, ab wheel, hollow body hold, bird dogs, dead bugs


Definitely not advanced enough yet but maybe I’ll work up to it


I sorta like roll outs.

And heavy squats


No idea. While we’ve had many discussions here concerning which ab exercises are most effective, I can’t say I recall ever having one regarding which are most entertaining.


There are certainly some sexual positions that tax the abs and are entertaining… although, not sure how effective. Just depends how long you can last, I suppose.


I have taken to working my “boring work” into a circuit or to super set the ab work with less boring stuff. This makes it infinitely more tolerable

Could be something like

A1 - bench
A2 - ab exercise


A1- abs
A2- neck
A3- rear delts
A4- calves

Covers all the little stuff and has a much less boring flow to it than just doing an ab exercise


Although not very “T Nation”-like, I would suggest a yoga class devoted to core/power. If you find the right level, the ab work is killer but not at all boring. Also, you get some nice mobility work. All in the midst of attractive girls.


Heavy squats, dead lifts, over head press… These have all killed my abs every workout!


If you’re doing sexual positions for an ab workout then you’re not very good at one or both of those things :smiley: