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Ab Exercises For T-Men


Hey does anyone have any good things for lower abs, i know theres the situps, crunches, and the variations of these but are there any other real god ones that anyone would sugest. thanx


Christiane Lamy has a good article on core exercises. Look for it under her name. You should also keep in mind that your core gets worked a lot through squats, deadlifts, and the other exercises you should be doing as well.


Hanging pikes. I also feel ALL of my abs, obviously obliques during heavy sidebends.


hanging leg raises
standing med ball throws
front squats
back squats
overhead squats

Don't get stuck in a rut thinking about "AB" exercises. Focus on core strength and strong abs will be the result.


Agreed. I think hanging pikes are the king of ab exercises.


im glad someone mentioned overhead squats.....

the yolk in stronman is great for abs


My problem is that i need to do the squats to get rid of this lower back pain i have. I normally would work through this but today istarted doing a warm-up set for deadlifts with 225 and during my first rep my back gave out and i coudlent really walk for a few minutes. so im really looking for somthing thats low pressure on the back


What's your usual working weight? If your back is going out just from doing a warm-up maybe you shouldn't be doing that exercise until you heal more.

As for ab exercises... can someone describe or point me towards a link which describes hanging pikes or discusses them in more detail? I did a search but didn't find anything other than passing references.

On a related note, my favorite ab exercise is one I created myself.

Place a swiss ball (yeah yeah, I know) right next to a flat bench. Sit on the ball with your back facing the bench and lie backwards so your shoulders are lying on the bench -- much like a DB pullover except your lower back is resting on the ball, your hands are gripping the edge of the bench overhead to stabilize, and your ass/legs hanging over the edge.

Bring your knees as close to your chest as you can without flexing your abdominals to maximize your leverage advantage, and then -- without ANY hip movement at all -- curl your hips and lower back up off the ball, then as you relax let your spine drape over the ball again fully before doing your next rep.

This exercise is just great and a welcome change from my usual DB-weighted swiss ball crunches (and of course, squats, deadlift, etc).


Do you want the single best ab movement known to modern man?

I know what it is and if you want to know what it is you can PM me.


I have a cruddy lower back and the following have helped me enormously:

Zercher walks
Hanging pikes
heavy ass ab pulldowns
side bends

I also do an ass load of reverse hypers and back extensions.


That's a reverse crunch on a swiss ball...

The thing everyone screws up with reverse crunches is limiting the movement to just the tilting of the pelvis via the abdominal musculature (using rectus abdominus and the obliques).
You flex the hips knees and foot at the setup to prevent yourself from flexing them to perform the movement... it's a very short movement.


Hard! Core! Matress! Cardio!


Let me guess... reading the bible?

No wait, wait... it's got to be getting on your knees and praying.

I kid.

Dan "It's Pull ups, isn't it, Zeb?" McVicker


I swear by decline situps. on a 45 degree decline bench, full ROM hands, at your ears, old school style. with squats and everything else thats all I really need for abs. just make sure to do a cobra stretch afterwards or your hips will get really tight.


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Russian Twists


Hi guys,

If you really want some challenging ab exercises try:

Dragon Flags

Front levers (one legged, straddle, or standard)- these are the king of ab exercises

Wheels (from knees, or from standing)

Lever push-ups on rings

L-sits (can be increased to v-sits and eventually Manna)

Hanging Leg Raises (hanging from pull-up bar, with completely locked straight arms, open shoulders, and locked straight legs, come all the way up and touch bar with feet)

Good training,



Wrong on both counts!

Not that you couldn't use more of both.


Since the question is about "Ab work for T-Men"...

I'd suggest banging chicks.

You can either bang one chick for a lot of sets, or several different broads for a few sets each day.

Whatever you do, remember to keep the reps on the high side, and don't go for singles in any of your sets, especially if you haven't warmed up.

And make sure the girl's a T-Vixen....


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