Ab Exercise Choices?

Paul, Ive never found an article where you mention ab training (i might of missed it)

Right now I am training 2on1 off with your PPL plan. 1-2 exercises per muscle group. The only difference is that I am doing BB bench on press day, and conventional deadlifts once every 6-8 days, as my nephew wants to do a his first PL meet and i told him i would do a push/pull with him. Its been 7 years since i stepped on the platform.

Anyways, what ab exercises are the best bang for buck for not stressing the lumbar spine and keeping the hip flexors out of the movement? I have anterior pelvic tilt which i have to constantly work on.

(and ab exercises that actually will benefit deadlift and overall strength)

Because I haven’t done ab work in like 20 years.

I don’t write about stuff I don’t do or don’t study. Sorry man, I’m not the resource for ab training.