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ab energizer

I just saw an infomercial for this thing. What an insulting bunch of crap!! They take these actors who act suprised at everything the host says. “You mean I can have a perfect body with no effort? Unbelievable!” There’s a doctor of some sort talking about the benefits of using this piece of shit. On the bottom of the screen is the disclaimer that says all information is based on personal findings, no medical facts are to be interpreted. This piece of shit is for people who “are afraid of injury.” I’m afraid of injury, that’s why I wear a f-ing seatbelt! What can we do to get these f-ing informercials off the air? I don’t mind creative advertising but flat out lying!!! I’m going to e-mail them at www.abenergizer.com and tell them they’re full of shit!

the only thing i like about these commercials is the babes !!.. if anyone knows someone wanting to buy these kind of products, look at them and flex yer pecs as fast as you can for several reps, ya know, to make your chest shake up and down… then ask them if that should make your chest bigger and more defined… (that is all that muscle stimulation electric bullshit does…contract your muscle… much different than placing it under an overload of weight.) those contraptions are the closest i’ve seen yet to be just as ineffective as those old ass 1950’s belt-drivin-ass-shakers !!

I’ve got it! A t-mag infomercial. It can talk about how all other infomercials are B.S. and how if you’re too lazy to put any effort into your training, then you’ll never reach your goals anyway. On second thought, I’d rather not let everybody know about t-mag, only the people who are truly willing to work hard. The rest can go and buy their stupid little fitness gadgets and stay fat.

Well, that didn’t work. I went to their shitty web site and its only half up(like the guys in the infomercial.) Only the homepage and order pages were working. The page with comparisions to other ab-things wasn’t up yet. None of the other pages were working either. What if we simplified the infomercials and just said send $20 bucks and nothing will ever happen until you get off your ass?

Only one thing worse than those fuckin infomercials…and thats the dumb fuckin asses that buy the shit…they should be shot for being such dumbasses and not having any common sense…good lord.