Ab Doer II

Has anyone had any practical experience with the Ab Doer II? I’m always a sucker for gadgets like these. But when I watch QVC and they demonstrate it, I wonder if it has any merit

You’re kidding, right? Pleeeeze tell me you’re kidding…

A lot of stores around me have this “Abb thingy” on display.
I’ve tried a dozen or so of them. Verdict: of all the contraptions
I’ve tried in my day,this has to be the “Albatross” of them all…!!!
You don’t feel the target muscles being worked at any time!!!
“Abb Doer”-does nothing!!! Besides for the 1,000,000,000 time, you
still can’t spot reduce. !!!..The inventor of this worthless hunk of junk
“WAS” a credible fitness expert; this is what is known as SELLING OUT!!!
(keeping it honest, Joey Z.)

you watch qvc??? NO ITS A PIECE OF S%IT. funny thing is some of the ab gagets on infomercials are not that bad, but thats a BAD one.

Yes, it serves a wonderful purpose … another place to hang your laundry.

A mates dad bought one, and he swears that he’s lost about five kilo using it. Now,I know that it’s a piece of junk, and everyone elso on this forum knows it’s a piece of junk, but to an untrained past-middle-age couch potato, it works…so good luck to 'em.

Doer? I don’t even know her.

Seriously save your money, and buy a 55cm stability ball.

If you want an ab gadget that actually works, buy a Pavelizer!

I had to help my sister-in-law assemble an Ab-Doer. It felt good to limber the waist, but standing side bends and circles do the same thing. That’s ALL it does. Two weeks later, we disassembled it, packed it up and shipped it back. Buy a ab wheel instead.

Dude there is NO easy way to get abs or lose fat or gain muscle. These gadgets that have you sitting on your ass with the thing stuck on to your abs or thigh or whatever are the biggest lies ever. The only way to lose fat is the amount of calories you take in compared to what you use. Vice versa with bulking up. The philosisphy (sp) is that simple, it will still be that simple 1000 years from now. Putting that into action is the hard part for most people, that is why they believe these bullshit artist who tell you that you too can get abs from sitting on your ass.
The ab-doer that you are talking about could help you ab trainning but dont make that your main abdominal workout. It COULD just supplement you ab training.

Are you allowed to post about the ab doer? Isn’t that completely aginst the T-Man Codex? Who let this one on. I know it’s an open forum but we gotta have rules people!
Scary thought: The Ab Doer 1 was eiher so successful that they need to come out with a “new and improved version” or someone actually had a thought on improving it from it’s original version! Who buys this stuff? Do housewives and insomniacs have way too much cash or what? Maybe they could spread the wealth around so i could get my hands on some Androsol! LOL!

stay away from that piece of shit. when i see that commercial i want to slap the silly look off the face of the punk who “discovered” it. what a crock! kevo