AB-Doer functional exercise?

I just watched an infomercial for the AB-Doer. Relax TC, Tim, and guys- I did not buy one. It looks like a cool way to stretch the midsection and low back. I laughed as how they tout it to burn fat and all the other mumbo-jumbo. What I am wondering, is if the AB-Doer is considered functional exercise, as defined by Poliquoin, or Paul Chek. I can see that it would be useful for twisting movements, like swinging a golf club, or a baseball bat. What is your input? Thanks, -The Starkdog

I have been into the fitness life-style for 30 of my 39 years.
Hockey…weight-training… soccer…track…,you get the picture.
A lot of stores around me have this “Abb thingy” on display.
I’ve tried a dozen or so of them. Verdict: of all the contraptions
I’ve tried in my day,this has to be the “Albatross” of them all…!!!
You don’t feel the target muscles being worked at any time!!!
“Abb Doer”-does nothing!!! Besides for the 1,000,000,000 time, you
still can’t spot reduce. But for one-fifth the price, I purchased a
stability ball which I can do a bunch of cool things with for the abbs.
Plus much, much more!!!


What about the abroller? The one that has no cable. It merely has handles and a wheel and that’s all.