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ab-doer 2

does the ab doer work?

The abdoer is great! I highly recommend it. I lost 4 inches off my waist with NO dieting or cardio! Get 2 of them and give one to a friend, that’s what i did.

Is this a trick question? I didn’t think anything you buy off tv worked. Why not become a Pavel T/Ian King disciple?

Does that thing they’re always showing on tv do stuff?

Yes, you can cram your nasty pie-hole full of all sorts of goodies,
provided you wobble about on the Ab-doer for 3 full minutes a day,
like a monkey trying to auto-fellate himself!

In reality, the Ab-doer is a piece of shit - a gimmick sold to fat, lazy, stupid, gullible douche bags who have no intention of changing their woefully pathetic life-styles.

Please, people, no more Ab-doer threads! And that's all I have to say about that.

Why don’t you just send your money to me instead? It’ll have about the same effect on your abs, and I’ll be much happier.

Depends what you mean by ‘work’. It does a great job of taking a bit of weight off your wallet.

I think all you really need for abs is a mat and maybe some dumbbells. Oh–and the secret ingredient is — MOTIVATION!

my mom bought one of those and i tryed it out… it has just slightly more resistence than gravity. seriously, sit in a chair and bob up and down, you just did the same thing and saved yourself 100 bucks. and if your are into tv stuff, try the new ab system. it works on the incredible, and unbelievable, principle that if you eat less, you lose weight. therefore showing your abs. i dont know if anyone has tryed this “radical” new idea, but get back to me if you find out it works.

This is asking for a flame, but it’s too easy! I’ll answer the question. THE ‘AB-ANYTHING ADVERTISED ON TV’ SUCKS!!!

The answer is no.

Aww come on guys, we could have convinced him to buy it! Don’t you have a sense of humor?!!
Simon, don’t listen to these guys-go ahead and buy the abdoer! Buy 2 of ém!