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Ab Device?

Hey guys - I am looking for a link to that ab training device (can’t remember the name) that is a heavy ball attached to a rope. Anyone used this? thanks

The device is called a Tornado Ball. Paul Chek wrote an article at T-mag entitled 'Tornado Training". Check out his website at chekinstitute.com and then click products.

Thanks DanB - before I spend 100 bucks on this, any commentary on its effectiveness? I am convinced that KettleBells are an ass kicker and am working on getting some soon.

hey before youspend a hundred bucks on it, why not just take a super cheap med ball and put it in a pillow case or strong blanket to imitate the tornado ball?

IMO, I would save up and first purchase the kettlebells. A Tornado ball would be a cool piece of equipment to have but you can develop much more functional core strength by performing lifts using the kettlebells. Check out Coach Davies article ‘Real Abs’.

Yeah, it seems like it would be fairly simple to rig one up yourself for a lot less than $100…