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AAS Under 25

So a bit of background, i’m 20 and in my fourth year of full training, my diet is pretty decent, could be better, but uni gets the best of me at times. I’m 5’6(I stopped growing at 15, i’ve hit my max height so fused plates is not a concern, all my family are pretty much the same height.) and currently 76kg around 12% bf.

I unwisely did an 8 week cycle of sust250 when i was 18 with no pct(which i regret); took the advice from my old school step-dad, ex bb, who oversaw the whole cycle/diet/regimen. I’m not planning on doing a another cycle for a few more years. The questions that i have are:

Will my HPTA/test levels have bounced back?

Will i get normal natural growth or will the growth be slower more of the rate of a 30 year old say?

What have i fucked up biologically that will not have recovered by now?

What would another cycle do if i did it at say 24, ‘underage’ again?

Please don’t hate, just want to learn.

Just go get bloodwork to see where you are at if you are so worried about your recovery. And if you plan on cycling again anytime soon your questions quickly become irrelevant because you throw everything up in the air again.

it’s hard to say if you completely recovered or not.

some people don’t to any PCT and recover just fine, whereas some guys don’t recover even with a normal PCT. everyone’s different (obviously)…

if you’re curious where you’re at now, i’d get some basic bloodwork and see. and down the road, i’d suggest that you get bloodwork done before you cycle again…

Ok thanks for the advice, i’m seeing the doc next week to ask for bloods :slight_smile: