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AAS Training


I am curious as to what I should do as far as workouts while using anabolic steroids. Should i stick with Chad Waterbury's programs, or move to something more "steroid based".
Thank you for the help ahead of time.


Not sure about AAS, but when I took Mag10, I upped my frequency AND my training time. I believe that your recovery will be much better with the AAS, so you may be able to go more "hardcore" with your workouts.

Oh, and make sure to eat like a madman.


if you are taking the step to AAS use, then your training should already be on point........don't change anything IMO.


You don't need to incorporate a radical change to your training when on AAS. The only change I would do is to up the volume somewhat.


thank you all for the input. that helps a lot. so up the volume? not intensity?


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I would suggest upping the volume, but not intensity nor frequency. As juiced mentioned, they should already be on track.


GVT 2000 or OVT are excellent volume routines ... you will beat the hell out of yourself, but your recovery will be quicker ... assuming you are sleeping 8-10 hrs a day and eating right (that means a ton of calories). Which you should be if you are using, otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Also since your recovery will be quicker, take advantage of "active recovery" work days ... where you re-train each muscle group after 2 days rest. This is all assuming that you are trying to maximize hypertrophy during your cylcle.


I agree w/ ubiq, keep everything the same except increase the volume slightly...eating right will do the rest.