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AAS/Strength Gains?

I tried the search function and I am a regular lurker on here but I rerely see much talk about how much strength is gained and kept. This is obviously an individual thing that is largely predicated upon your goals but in my case I would appreciate some of your imput, PLEASE!

AGE 42

BEST LIFTS (Three favorite)

Back Squat (Olympic style) 550
Push Press 351.5
Bench Press w/pause 357.5

Only support gear used were neoprene knee sleeves.


2009 TEST P/MAST P 70/50 mg/day for 8 weeks.

30-50 lbs were added to my lifts and I kept at least 3/4 of it after PCT


Back squat (Olympic style) 660
Push Press 440
Bench Press 440X4 (Not a fan of singles on the bench)

This summer I plan on having a run at my lifetime goals with a TRT dose of TEST P and MAST P/TREN A 50/50 mg/day(To start) for at least 8, possibly 10 weeks. I realize it is difficult and even irreaponsible of me to ask but how realistic will it be for me to approach or even hit my goals with the addition of the TREN A?

Any contructive imput and/or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Tren is unbelievably powerful I personally have never ran it do to the fact I am still making great progress from Test. I only recently added deca so until I am just not satisfied I wont move to tren. But with that being said I watched a friend of mine ( NAS Under 231 competitior) take his back squat from 655ish to 730 for a double after 12 weeks of a Tren e and Test E cycle. However he was using a gram a week of each so a bit more than you but hell you never know.

dianabol or better anadrol

Its doable but not realistic in 8 weeks. Test/Tren/Mast and anadrol will get you pretty far though. Your a strong dude and our gains come slow after a certain threshold.

A 16 week cycle would do a lot for you. Maybe split up the tren weeks 1-6 & 9-14.

Thanks for the advice guys. Perhaps extending the cycle to 16 weeks warrants serious consideration. I also basically discovered Tbol in another thread and that seems more up my alley than Dbol or drol.

With a long cycle I would at least keep my deload weeks and be more measured about large poundage jumps. With a medium length cycle, I would no doubt turn every training session into a max effort day and end up with a serious injury.