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AAS stacking

Currently i am on 400mg deca,20mg halo and
100mg winstrol EOD.thinking of including 1tab of Abol,and 4tabs of Dbol.Reasons is that i would like to mass up but on controled diet.please help.by the way whats the best timing for taking this few steriod.i am so used to taking it 60mins before training.should
i combined them together?

You have some unnecessary duplication in
your stack (there’s no need to take both
Dianabol and Anadrol at the same time) but
that’s a side issue.

The timing of the injectables relative to
your workout is a non-issue, since blood
levels are steady. The Deca should be injected
twice per week though, not once.

The timing of the orals should be a non-issue
as well, since they should be evenly divided
through the day, divided into at least four
and preferably five doses, in which case blood
levels are steady and therefore the timing
with regard to your workout does not matter.

I would divide the Anadrol into quarters so
as to be able to divide the dose.