AAS Questionairre

Hello lads and lasses…

To all those who have completed Nat Returns Questionairre on AAS use - please PM here and email it to her.

She is in desperate need of the questionairres to be handed in for her assignment.

I have just done an interview with her - and the work she is doing is actually very important in helping AAS users get the right help, information and services for their need.

There is a big gap in healthcare etc, where we are concerned - even if it is just the spread of correct information to make sure Jonny at 16 knows the truth about those Dianna-Balls shrinking your penis and making you kill people.

Thankyou for your co-operation on this, our DUTY!


Mr. Archibald JJ Harlet.

Aye, aye Archibald!!!


I mean it lads, those who are supposed to do it - it takes 2 mins, come on - this is for someones course, she is doing good work here!

There is a vial in it for ya! ;p


Thanks JJ - just thought I’d post in case anyone wants to PM me for more details.

One last bump!! Thanks :slight_smile:

[quote]Nat returns wrote:
One last bump!! Thanks :)[/quote]

Nat - you still waiting on replies?

PM me how many more you need and I’ll get some of the guys at my gym to help out.

To the rest, come on guys - as JJ posted, this is important and not just for the UK where the research is based. I happen to know that Nat had to go through some shit to even get this research moving. Don’t let it stop here.

It doesn’t take long, fill the damn thing out and send it back. For added anonymity, post through me or JJ if you want.

We will remove your PM’s and screen names from forwarded questionnaires.


and done

Absolutely Rents, thankyou to BDE and Game, good work lads.


Would have sent it in much earlier, but I never received an email I requested. I’m glad she sent it to me now rather than never though.

did it a while ago.

very interested in hearing/seeing results… is this possible, nat?