AAS Prices

[quote]sawadeekrob wrote:
Living in the same country I can vouch that getting a secure source is better than anything. Sure they let you import stuff from Thailand but the pinz are impossible to get.

Short story here I had to have a blood test done 2 years ago for a physical at the university. They had 3 people watching the nurse take the blood. Later I found out that in hospital settings they need proof of no mistreatment and abuse with the needles and proper disposal hence the 3 “supervisors”.

I think that having a discreet, secure domestic source with pinz is worth thos prices. [/quote]

Yeah. I guess you guys are right. I’m just being stingy and should appreciate, more than anything, the ease and comfort with which I can order.

The prop ester is smaller than the enan one, therefore you have more test with the prop one. Therefore you pay a higher price for prop, but have to inject more fequent.

For price nothing beats test e or c.