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AAS Prices


I buy from a domestic source in Japan. There are very, very few here and importing is not something I feel like doing. That said, I wonder if the prices I am paying are too high. I feel like they are. I will just post a few and I would like to hear what the general population pays for the same things.

Test-300, 10ml_____$80
TrenA-75, 10ml_____$110
Bold-200, 10ml_____$110

I'm just roughly converting yen to dollars, but that sounds about right. I'm thinking if I want to do my next cycle incorporating these three, after all ancillaries, the cycle is going to cost me over $1000. Not something I feel like paying at the moment. On top of everything needles are highly, highly regulated here and expensive and hard to get. I pay around $.65 a needle. $1.75 for one needle and syringe.

If you guys are used to paying around the same, I'll feel better. But somehow I doubt it.


I wish i could get those prices! from what ive been quoted by my guy im lookin @ almost double that for test E


Count yourself lucky for having a tried and true domestic source.

Sure, there are cheaper prices out there, but reliability is always a question. IMHO it's better to spend a little extra if you know your goods will be legit, on time, and not seized.

In addition, those prices are not THAT bad. As confirmed by the above post, people are certainly paying more.


Looks like pretty good prices. Very good prices actually.


The eq seems a bit low on the strength side. Tren should be a 20ml for that kinda money. With the other compounds you have selected tren enathate would be a better choice.
If I moved to a city (or Japan) and kinda lost contact with everyone I used to talk to I would expect to pay something like that.
However if thats what you have access to and the source is solid I wouldnt sweat it too much.
Potentially better for you to move into a few test only cycles for the same kinda money.


anyone interested in prices for comparison, this is average what I can get in UK, some things are even cheaper from other suppliers

Convert to dollars and they look pretty good

Organon Sustanon 250 1ml (250mg/ml) £4 (less for bulk, £300 per 100 amps)
Tamoxifen 50 tabs tabs x 10mg £15.00
Clomid 24 tabs x 50mg £20.00
Proviron 50 tabs x 50mg (£45.00

HCG 1500 IU�??s Box of 3 £20.00

HCG 5000 IU�??s Box of 3 £25.00

Clenbuterol 0.02mcg per 100 tabs £25.00

Viagra (Kamagra Gold edition) 100mg 4 pack £10.00

Viagra Gels 100mg £4.50
T3 60 tablets 25mcg £25.00
T4 30 tabs 200 mcg £10
Ephedrine 30 mg tabs £80 (1000)
Growth Hormone (Hygetropin) £300 (200 IU�??s)
Arimidex 50 x 1mg tabs £65
Multi Dose Vials

Andropen 275 10ml (275mg/ml) £45.00
Decabol 10ml (250mg/ml)£45.00
Test Enanthate 10ml (250mg/ml) £45.00
Test Cypionnate 10ml (200mg/ml) £50.00
Test Propionate 10ml (100mg/ml)£40.00
Boldabol 10ml (200mg/ml)£55.00 (aka Equipoise)
Primobol 10 ml (100mg/ml) £60.00
Stanabol (Winstrol) 10ml (50mg/ml) £50.00
Mastabol 10ml (100mg/ml)£45.00
Averbol 20 ml (25mg/ml) £40.00
Trenbolone Acetate 10 ml (75 mg/ml) £55.00
Trenbolone Depot 10 ml (100 mg/ml) £65.00
Tri-Tren 10 ml (150 mg/ml) £70.00
Tren 200 10 ml (200mg/ml)£75.00

Stanabol 10mg per 100 tabs (Winstrol) £40.00
Stanabol 50mg per 100 tabs (Winstrol) £125.00
Oxanabol 10mg per 50 tabs (Anavar) £45.00
Oxydrol 50mg per 100 tabs (Anadrol) £95.00
Methanabol 10mg per 500 tabs (Anabol/Dianabol) £95.00

Methanabol 50mg per 100 tabs (Anabol/Dianabol) £95

Halotestex 10mg per 50 tabs £60.00
Turanabol 10 mg per 500 tabs £125


Thats a heck of a long list of stuff that hasnt been made in over a year now. Decent pricing for it if it happens to be legit.


That's pretty much what I've been paying, although I've been told prices are going to go up. I know Growth went from 300-450 for 100iu's.


It's around $600 from my source.

It's good to know I'm not getting ripped off, at least. The product is great, too, and I can get damn near anything I need. Strangely, this source, too, has a lot of stuff. I don't mess with it, though. It's more expensive than the kind I buy and I know I can trust my brand.


I'm thinking that myself. I really want to try a test/tren/eq cycle, but right now may not be the right time. Tren enanthate (100) is about $110 for 10mls. That's cheaper overall. Masteron and Winstrol are about in the same range that I would just go ahead and go with the eq if I was going to spend the money anyway.

I want to lose fat next cycle. Test only doesn't sound ideal, but it would certainly be cheap.


EQ is not a good drug for cutting. the results it gives are fairly good and it lets you work out a really long time (2hr workouts are actually fun) but it made me soo hungry that I was eating constantly. I would include it in a bulking cycle at a low dose (300mg/w) for that reason but never again in a cutter.

drugs are better or worse for cutting but in the end what will make or break it is diet.


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Test E shouldn't go for more than 60 USD per 2500mg vials. I suppose domestic I've seen as high as 90USD p/2500mg but 110 USD? Thats a bit steep. Eq shouldn't be more than 75 USD per 2000mg domestic or not. Tren ranges but still..Gentleman don't be bullied into steep prices in light of recent LE interuptions really you don't have to break oyur bankroll just do some more research.

If you had a source you were in love with before and he folded there is always another you have to do the same you did before to get that first great source you enjoyed. Were not talking about cocaine its AAS and legal in most countries. The more everybody is willing to pay the more the price WILL be driven north because of your willingness to shell out ungodly amounts of cash for it.


$1.75 for a pin and syringe? You serious bro or was that type o ? You should be payin about 1/4 of that. Ever hear of Getpinz?


Like I said, I'm in Japan and needles are highly regulated here. I know what I should be paying for them. Importing is a possibility but you can get blacklisted for importing a bunch of needles. Not sure what the "blacklisting" entails, but I'd rather not have my name on any government lists.

Seller's market on needles here.


I only get sus and eph from this guy TBH


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Really? Maybe I need to shop around mre then, thats cheap compared to all other local suppliers I know of.

Thanks for the heads up


To the OP, there was a time (not so long ago) when the domestic supply was plentiful and prices stayed way down.

But these days everything's gone up and having a reliable source is worth the premium anyway, so they're prob pretty fair prices though still on the high side.


Living in the same country I can vouch that getting a secure source is better than anything. Sure they let you import stuff from Thailand but the pinz are impossible to get.

Short story here I had to have a blood test done 2 years ago for a physical at the university. They had 3 people watching the nurse take the blood. Later I found out that in hospital settings they need proof of no mistreatment and abuse with the needles and proper disposal hence the 3 "supervisors".

I think that having a discreet, secure domestic source with pinz is worth thos prices.