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AAS/PCT Availability in Brazil?


I've tried searching for information related to Brazil, but most threads with useful information seem to be quite outdated.

I'm currently 4.5 weeks in on my first cycle, a very basic 12 weeks of Test Enth 500mg/week. I'm moving to Brazil early 2014. I've read that Brazil has cracked down on AAS in general and that it's no longer available over the counter, but does anyone know if the ancillaries, specifically Nolvadex, are available over the counter still?

My plan right now is to make the move after my last shot of TE, during the 2 week window before beginning PCT. However, to do so I'd need to know that I can easily buy Nolvadex at a pharmacy so I can complete my PCT.

Does anyone know if you can find Nolvadex (or other comparable PCTs) over the counter in Brazil?


Other options are ordering by mail from the states, or hopping the border to a neighboring country where purchase is available without prescription.

Or could you have it sent from your current location to your new address?i know people who compete in the US, and send their gear to for example, a hotel where they will be staying, so they don’t have to carry it with them on the plane.

Just thoughts! Good luck