Heh heh, yes the subject name is a pun, but the ass pain is no laughing matter!!!

I just injected 3 cc of QV enanthate 250 into my right glute last night…

The injection was painless, like usual but this morning my ass really ached, and right now it is very painful. It hurts to sit down, and is extremely stiff even when walking. Stretching it out hurts and does nothing to relieve the pain.

I’ve injected many times before, and nothing like this has happened before!

Is anything wrong? Or do I just suck it up and deal with it.

I’ve had this with proprionate before. It’s from the alcohol I believe. It will pASS. You thought you made a bad pun.

Try a heating pad and some ibuprofen. The QV stuff is painful at that high a dosage in one spot. I remember taking the 500mg stuff one time and using a cc of it. The pain was unbearable!
Next time try dividing the doses into 3 injections and hitting your glutes on 3 subsequent days, alternating sides.
Good luck bro.

Had this with 1cc of Test Prop last week whilst breakig my cherry and couldn’t walk for two days. Still hurts now!
Have you used this exact product before? And this batch? I’d guess its the BA content. Put some ice on it, take some ibuprofen and then just ride it out.
I would cut the stuff next time with something else you’re using or sterile oil. What size needle did you use? How many times did you hit that site on that inject? I found insulin pins spread over several injections into the same site lessens the pain. Takes longer but its worth it. Or as its enanthate spread the injections out over a couple of days. (Unless need to do 750mgs a day!)

Its amazing what you can learn in a week from some pain!

I used a 23G needle (1.5"). Just 3 cc of enanthate in that site.
This is the first time I’ve used the quality vet enat250.

I’d like to try insulin pins but I don’t think I’m lean enough around my glute to try, but I would with the delts. And yeah, next time I’ll cut to 2cc enat and 1cc deca or something like that.

Does the gague of the needle really make that much difference in pain? I’ve only ever used 23G.

Should I heat it or ice it?

I say heat it so it helps spread the oil through the muscle. Also try to make sure you work through the pain with some exercises that will help flush blood through the area. It will be painful at first but will help tremendously in the long run.

Haha that old chestnut! Ice or heat?
Well I would use ice for the first 24 hours to reduce and prevent further inflammation and then apply heat to increase circulation after that.

Sorry yeah you probably wouldn’t be able to hit your glutes with an insulin pin.
Haven’t used bigger than a 25g myself on my glutes and that what alot of the vets seem to recommend.

BTW Inflammation will seriously reduce circulation, thats why ice and ibuprofen combined are so effective.

Good gawd. What is it with this “Oh my it hurts soooo much, I should use an insulin syringe” SHIT! Suck it up already! Use 22g or 23g for you oil-based chemicals.

You mean to tell me that you can pass through the pain barrier of an intense workout but you can’t handle a prick from a needle?? Christ!! That tells me 1 of 2 things… 1, you don’t train hard enough… or 2, you lift your skirt while injecting your glutes.

Guys like Warhouse and Drago harpoon themselves with 18g pins all the time!

And all joking aside, it’s probably the alcohol in the solution that feels painful. It will pass. Don’t use ibuprofen!!

Why no ibuprofen?

I can handle the pain, of both the injection and squats. I just didn’t know if something was fucked up because I’ve never felt pain after an inj before!

The reason why I say not to use ibuprofen is because analgesics (Advil/ibuprofen and Tylenol/acetaminophen) can stop protein synthesis. I have come across a few articles stating this.

Your muscles have enough analgesics to fight muscle and joint pain. Take a hot bath or jump into a hot tub if you still need to.

hey when your ass hurts, i say fuck protein synthesis!

Hey P-Dog! I say when your ass hurts, use more vasoline or industrial anal gel!

Warhouse may use 18 gage pins, but Warhorse uses 25 gage in the glute.

I haven’t found reason to go any bigger and the bigger the needle the more tramua induced and the more scar tissue as a result.

Forget the analgesic effect! The main reason to take the ibuprofen is the anti-inflammatory effect.

And I wouldn’t worry about affecting protein synthesis unless you’re regularly popping them like d-bol. If you have to do that then you have a serious problem. Once in a while isn’t going to hurt.

And I think you misunderstood what I was saying about the pain lessening effects of using a smaller needle. I didn’t mean the prick of the needle pain! (I can barely even feel a 25g in my glute). Read on a old forum post that someone recommended spreading the AAS as much as possible over the site by using insulin needles. This reduced the pain the following day because the oil would disperse alot easier. And I find it seems to work with lessening the next day soreness I get with Sust.

i used to eat tylenol like it was going out of style, until i realized that there is no reason to put myself through that anymore. none of us should ever have any pain from BA. as i have said many times. JUST CUT THE GEAR WITH STERILE OIL. period. there is no good reason not too. it is rediculously cheap and easy to obtain. this practice has worked miracles for me. it was so bad for me that i couldnt do legs for 3 days after a sust shot. and dont give me any shit about sucking it up. i have trained through alot of pain. this was unbearable. i havent missed a leg workout since i found sterile oil.