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AAS Newbies Need to Read This...


due to some of the recent posts on this board, i thought i would type a brief commentary. these are my thoughts, which are certainly not steroid gospel...

for those looking to use AAS, they should be considered a last resort. only after you experimented with nurtitional strategies, supplements, and various lifting schemes should you even seriously comtemplate them.

if you are currently making gains, you don't need them. if you are still growing, or only recently started lifting, it would be wise not to use AAS, due to short-changing yourself out of some good natural gains.

and untimately, using steorids is a personal choice....however, if you ask for advice and someone tells you something you don't want to hear, don't be offended.

bodybuilding and exercising should be part of your lifestyle....AAS use changes this. in the US, possession of anabolic steroids is a felony (however it's not all that commonly enforced). don't take this lightly...