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AAS Literature

I was sitting at dinner tonight with the buddies and the topic of drugs came up. One of my genius friends made the claim that steroids are a gateway drug. Obviously this lead to further debate over stuff like legalization, harmful side effects, etc. One of the guys I was with (a T-Nation lurker in fact) mentioned the REAL Sports that focused on roids and made a pretty good argument.

I understand from reading enough stuff on this sight that using steroids will not cause your penis to immediatly fall off and result in cancer of the entire body, but I was wondering, what would you say are the top articles (on this site and others) that discuss possible safe, healthy, and responsible use of AAS.

I’ve read a few, “Steroids for Health 2003” comes to mind but what are some others. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. This isn’t so much about winning an argument, as the discussion is in the past, but more about expanding my own knowledge base about an interesting topic. Thanks for any input.

If it wasnt for George Bush and baseball, we would probably be in a revolution for steroid support with so many doctors promoting HRT.
I hope some of the readers can find legitimate resources for studies as they are hard to come by.

The strongest argument is the lack of people dropping dead all over the place or suffering serious health problems.

The only guys you hear about having problems are all the people that either a) have no idea what they are doing (eg. I took this with no clue about AE/AI/PCT and now I have tits and my winkie doesn’t work) or b) they are the guys that have done it reclessly with no regard for taking time off (restore HPTA function) or keeping their health in check (BP/Lipids/Live function).

There will always be clowns that give AAS a bad name because that is what people associate with them (they get stories written about them…see “the man who’s arms exploded”…what a douche).

There are far more people out there that do AAS that you never know. These are healthy men that do moderate doses and follow a healthy lifestyle so that they have better quality of life. These guys don’t get stories written about them very often though so the public doesn’t see that.

HRT/TRT is gaining acceptance slowly but it is happening. It gets results. It works. You can’t stop that from becoming a method of treatment once people start to accept that. It is just going to take time.