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AAS in Trained vs. Untrained Athletes

I was just letting my thoughts wander today and was trying to work out why steroids would have more prominent effects in trained athletes as opposed to untrained athletes.

I figured that the engrained motor patterns would allow them to make faster progress, and the same would go for their bodies being physiologically more prepared adapt, but what about muscle mass?

Would athlete A make more progress with steroid use than athlete B, who has a lower amount of muscle mass - all other things being equal?


perhaps not

Haha Thanks, I guess I’ll be doing a bit more digging.

Untrained for sure… There’s literature showing 4-8Kg LBM increases from basic Test cycles in untrained individuals who DIDNT train for the duration of AAS use.

Pro athletes are all withing a few % of each other quantitatively, in speed, power, co-ordination etc… So when someone in a strength or endurance position ‘uses’ that tiny increase is going to look massive all of a sudden.

Not worded well, but just my 2 cents.


That’s unusual… I assumed it would be the other way around. I guess it could have something to do with how far one is from achieving their maximum potential then - be it natural or not.

Cheers for the input,