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anybody know how much?

anybody gotta guess?


If I had to venture a guess, I'd say above 50%, but I'm just speculating


80-100%,but I thought that everyone knew that anyway,christ if they're taking gear to play baseball just think what they're taking to play Football!!!!!There is no evidence for this except the indisputable evidence of your eyes.

I think most people consider it a silly question actually(no disrespect intended)and thats why nobody has really responded.


I'd say pretty close to 100%, definitely no less than 80%.


i realize this. i also realize that people make a lot of stuff up, and are easily deceived by prejudice. being that i have zero emphatic evidence of AAS in the NFL, say 80-100%, i am wondering if others do.

also, how tested is it? are all these users able to avoid testing or pass via deception? are they genetic freaks or users? using turns you into a genetic freak. how do we know that some of these guys aren't just freaks who dont use?

im wondering if anybody has first-hand anecdotal knowledge or evidence. also, opinions.

P.S. wouldn't it be funny to be an NFLer and being told how you and all your teammates use when, in fact, you and many of them dont. not saying that's the case, though...


I actually think it might not be a huge majority. With how popular football is in the U.S. i'd think that most of the guys who are genetic freaks would be drawn to the sport. I know that growing up if you were a bigger kid it was almost expected that you you played football. I think that the sport just draws alot of the freaks of the world.


The figure is up there. Some of the kickers could even be mistaken for football players at this point.


Way over 90%. Not just for performance but for aid in recovery, that's why some of these guys are hanging on so long.

Who really knows.


I think it is way lower than you guys think. It used to be incredibly high but testing has cut into that.

I am sure there are other undectetable products out there, but I doubt the majority of guys have access to them.

Just look at how fat the linemen are. They were all juiced in the 80's and had much better physiques.


I would say it's pretty high. Carolina's punter got busted for godsakes.

Remember, when testing, only the synthetic deriviatives will show up. They can take testosterone without testing positive as along as they keep their test:epitest ratio below a certain level. Most people have a 1:1 ratio and to test postive the ratio has to be greater than I believe 6:1 or maybe even higher. Therefore, you can take a boatload of test and not come up positive. Also, some people will even take some epitest to keep the ratio in line.

Also, GH doesn't show up either.



I couldn't disagree less. I'm always watching older football footage and I'm always surprised how much less muscle those guys had. I mean there were linebackers 15 yrs ago that had less arm muscle than eli manning who has next to none. Now even cornerbacks (who were thin guys in the 80's) have very muscular arms and running backs (like Duce Staley) have arms much bigger than the redskins "hogs" of the 80's.

What you're looking at is the lineman 15 yrs ago were 80lbs lighter. So sure, todays lineman are fatter, but they also have about 60-70lbs more muscle. Scary...


I would say it is actually very few. The NFL randomly tests 6 players from each team every week during the season. Unless there are alot more designer drugs out there that we don't know about, I really doubt too many people are fooling the tests.

Secondly, most physiques in the NFL are pretty attainable. Somebody mentioned how muscular cornerbacks were getting. What's the average size of a corner? About 6' 200lbs., that's not close to a physique that screams roids. You also don't see people blow up like we have in baseball. Most of them don't get much bigger after college. Every once in a while you come across a linebacker, running back, or d-end that you might suspect. But you have to remember, alot of these guys really are genetic freaks.

I'm not saying there aren't any users, as I am sure there are some, but these estimates of 80-100% are ridiculous.


I agree with this. I'm bigger than a lot of corners etc, and I know I could get a whole lot bigger by simply increasing my food intake.

Anyone else think that the percentage of users might actually be higher in college football than the pros?


I don't think the 80% estimates are ridiculous at all. That may be a little high, but I wouldn't be shocked at all if it were found to be true. What kills me is how naive so many people are when making their arguments concerning steroids. To only look at it from a size perspective (e.g. "Today's players [are/aren't that much] bigger than players 20 years ago...") is to be completely ignorant of steroids' other uses, namely recovery. It's not just about getting bigger. These guys get the shit kicked out of them to a degree that many, strike that, most of us will never even begin to know, week in and week out. Trust me when I say they aren't afraid to push the limits and if there is something that athletes think they can get away with that will take away their pain, help them recover faster, allow them to lift heavily AND play 100% every Sunday, etc., they're going to do it.

If people believe the "6 players randomly tested every week" schpiel at least it means the NFL PR dept. is doing their job, and hey if that makes fans rest easier I got no problem with it. But the truth is designer steroids are BIG business and those guys will always stay one step ahead of the game. I'm sorry I can't point you directly to a source that describes how it's conducted, but the NFL steroid test is a joke. In the words of the late, great Dan Duchaine "The only people getting caught using steroids are those who aren't in the know".

P.S. If it sounds like I'm coming down on the NFL, I'm not. I love the NFL and all things football. But having worked now at the college level in a D1 strength & conditioning collegiate athletic program, as well as under people who previously worked in the NFL, you get a little more realistic view of how things really are...


Don't you mean "I couldn't disagree more"?


that's kinda like how people say "i could care less."


so here's an elitefts interview inwhich the interviewed mentions that he played Div-1 and was one of the 3 users that he knew in 5 years. he couldn't have played for 5 years, though.


also, are there any NFL players who have physiques or power that exceeds everybody elses? like David Boston? perhaps that's indicative of Boston being a user while others not so much. maybe Jamal Lewis, but both he and Boston suck balls. there's not really any way to tell, though.


I don't think iti s a size only issue....

Boston is a genetic freak for sure. Lewis sucks this season because he was in prison and couldn't get conditioned. Think about how a body builder runs up to a competition with increased intensity whatever. Players do the same thing. They are used to practicing but they have to ramp it up too. Not like they can just turn it on and play 60 minutes. If you try to get that conditioning on top of your regular workouts you askign for burnout at that level.

As far as size.... look at Antonio Gates. The dude is huge, 6+ tall, 250+ and he can run faster than most everyone on this board. That is genetically freakish. Other things to look at. I think the average nfl lineman coming in can run a 5.5-6.0 second 40 time. Which says a lot if you are 280-300+ lbs.

I do think there are users. I don't think 80-100% is accurate. There is a lot of pressure to perform so I could see painkillers etc being abused more than steroids. Nothing wrong with taking too much vicodin, etc... taking too much demorol well that is an issue and can get you banned. I think if you were to look at it the trend would be older players losing an edge possible and younger players looking to break into the spot light. Someone I would say is most certainly on it is TO. Look at that guy pre 99-01 seasons. He had a good body but wasn't jacked. Look at him now, veins bulging, recovering from a broken ankle in like 8 weeks. That shit is pretty unbelievable. He goes to the extreme, bariatric chamber etc but I think he should be tested.



Wow the NFL testing policy is so like the old MLB testing policy where balco types could just make you a clear/cream like product loaded with epitest and you can consume as much test as you want and still pass that test.


There's an article that touches on this subject right here.


(The Dark Side of College Football)