AAS & Heart Murmur?

Found out a few weeks ago I have a heart murmur, EKG results came back fine though. Haven’t hit the juice for over a year but want to in a few months. Doc says heart is good and I should be good to take viagra etc, but I didn’t fully reveal that I partake in the sauce because I don’t want to get dropped as a patient.

I’ve looked around for studies regarding AAS and the heart and found very conflicting information. One said dudes were slamming it for a decade and had heart issues, one said whilst using it the heart operates less efficiently but once stopped it reverts to normal function, one said it will explode the heart basically… What’s the deal bros? Am I gonna brick my heart if I run another cycle?

From what I know a heart murmur in children (mine had one) is common and mostly harmless but adults can be more serious. I would tread lightly if you go the AAS route and avoid any drugs that increase your BP too much etc. Yes Viagra should be harmless as it and other PDE5 inhibitors actually lower BP.

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Maybe. That’s always a possibility. Some people react very sensitive cardiovascular-wise.

What the best course is depends on the murmur. Your EKG came back fine so we could assume it was innocent. If you have any symptoms in the next weeks; it probably wasn’t and steroids would be a no-no.

So you got no symptoms in the next weeks?
Your doc checks again and it’s fine?

Good. You can proceed with the necessary caution.

The necessary caution is this: AAS directly stimulate changes in the heart muscle and can cause remodeling. If remodeling gets really bad, it can be irreversible and lead to heart attacks, stroke for example. That’s independent from blood pressure. If it’s to a certain degree it generally is reversible but would probably need a complete absence from AAS and training. There are also a myriad of other things AAS do to your CV system. You should be aware and be ready to drop out at signs of CV problems or bear the consequences which can be horrendous.


Heart murmur? Was it confirmed by the use of a stethoscope or echocardiogram ultrasound?
Echos can pick up murmurs that are not detected by stethoscope. Usually these murmurs are small. Most of these are called physiologic heart murmurs and not a problem. Large murmurs are heard through a stethoscope and if other symptoms are not present like shortness of breath or passing out, it’s usually not an issue. They don’t commonly get worse unless a blood infection sets in or fever over 105. (Arnold had his valve replaced due to increased shortness of breath). Valvular issues are problematic as it relates to blood volume circulation issues or vascular resistance. 80% of the population have heart murmurs, many go undetected due to a lack of an echocardiogram. So welcome to the club! So… AAS wont directly effect a murmur. I myself have 3 out of 4 murmurs and cycle test, Anavar, Winny, Masteron. I run labs often and have echo’s to check for LVH, EF%, Any signs of cardiomyopathy. Can aspirin kill? For some, Just enter into it slowly and stay educated. Leave the door open so you can back out if necessary. Listen to your labs and body!

Best of luck!

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