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AAS For Rehab

I’ve recently suffered a high grade II/low grade III groin strain. About four months ago I strained the lower tendon of the bicep femoris. The bicep femoris injury was related to a jumping/running incident during an emergency situation. The groin strain was from deadlifting (very slight strain) followed by squatting a couple weeks later (I’m an impatient idiot). The squatting did me in and I felt/heard the muscle pop.

I was curious if a cycle of steroids (test with winny?) would be therapeutic. If so, at what dosages and how long should the cycle last? Also, at what time frame after the injury occurred should the cycle start.

I assume (a bad thing) there would be a big difference between a therapeutic cycle (if such a thing exists) and a mass building cycle.

At the moment, I am just indulging my curiosity. Is AAS a viable therapeutic drug? Would healing the muscle at a greater rate then the tendons actually lead to further injury down the road? Which AAS would be best suited?

I’ve never done a cycle, 40 years old, 5’ 6", about 185 lbs and running around 14% body fat. I’ve been playing with weights for a long time but consider myself a neophyte. There is soooo damned much to learn. Current routine is based on Westside. I was working towards a deadlift competition in April, but that goal is out.

I would like to hit 325 lbs on bench soon (currently at 305 - belt only).

What do the gurus here think?

well i’m no guru but i’ve employed various androgens to speed healing when i’ve been injured and i believe it made a substantial difference. my orthopedic surgeon coudn’t believe how fast i was able to resume training after the surgery to repair my torn pectoral muscle. one of the originally intended uses for anabolics was tissue repair. i’m no big fan of deca but try about 400mg a week with a bit of test.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been discussing this with my wife and she still has some doubts. Hormone manipulation is something not to be taken lightly.

I have read a lot of negative reviews of deca and its side effects. However, it seems some people suffer more from the sides then others. Is there another AAS that might be a little less prone to side effects?

Going over 250 mg a week should be enough to suppress my natural test.

What do you think of something fairly simple like:

Deca 400 mg
Test 500 mg
(dosage administer via bi-weekly injections)

Run that for 8~10 weeks and follow up with:

start 14days after last test shot
day 1 300mg
day 2-6 200mg
day 7-11 100mg
day 12-17 50mg

Nolavdex - take 20mg every other day while on cycle and everyday of PCT

I have been researching my brains out concerning this very thing. I am not on my typical machine so I dont have the links to give you, but I can tell you what to google and point you in the right direction (I hope). Google “collagen steroids” and “collagen growth hormone” and read as many studies as you can. What I found is growth hormone has a beneficial impact on collagen synthesis. Deca durobalin (sp?) has beneficial impacts on collagen synthesis, although I do not believe the true mechanism of action is known. The best guess I have found is it functions via degradation into progesterone (sp?).

I believe equibolin (sp?) has shown similar behavior to deca. stazanolol has been shown to increase collagen synthesis, but it is believed that it also alters the configuration of the collagen network because tensile tests reveal that weaker tissues when treated with stazanolol. Winstrol (sp?) has some research that suggests similar actions as stazanolol- altered collagen network that produces more brittle tissues. Remember- all of this is in clinical tests, but I have found a lot of anecdotal stuff that goes in line with it.

As far as strengthening the muscle and the ligaments and tendons lagging behind- I believe it is a valid concern, especially considering you have injured them before. I would say one of the compounds that helps collagen synthesis would be your best bet if you chose to go down that route. But, Im no guru, so what do i know… Good luck and let me know what you find.

Da Man,

Thanks for the reply. I remember reading a study on rats dealing with the ‘brittle’ tissue issue and winny.

Equibolin was the name I couldn’t remember to save my life. I believe equibolin would be preferable over deca for a cycle as it has fewer sides associated with it. But I’m not sure of the availability.

It is disappointing that most studies dealing with AAS are in the realm of animal studies. It would be nice if there were more human clinical studies. It is a bit disconcerting.

You?ve given me some good information and some good search criteria.

Much Gracias!


Glad I could actually be of service. I am heading in the same direction you are. I have had a back issue for going on 3 years that prolotherapy is helping, but not as much as I had hoped. I have the hefty task of finding out how to get some without getting arrested or losing my job. Some guys are crazy protective about ‘sources’ and some serious battles have gone on here about reliable sources… Oh well, I guess Im lucky I research well.