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AAS for People Who've Had Heart Attack?


So what is your opinion on anabolic steroids usage (safe usage) among a little older people 45+, 50+ , after they have suffered some type of heart attack, and/or take regular beta anatgonists,aspirin etc to keep their blood pressure, heart rate at bay, but otherwise have a very healthy lifestyle, stamina, and great heart function (even though they have suffered a heart attack).


My 2 cents…My father-in-law suffered a heart attack 4 years ago.(triple bypass) he is also diabetic and takes blood pressure meds. At some point he was on 100mg a week of test cyp prescibed to him through the government.( Vietnam vet) and was also taking hGH through and anti-aging doctor. He has since quit using the GH because of the negative affects it has with the mertopolo(spelling??? Blood pressure meds) he was taking. He felt his test dose was too low and began supplementing to upwards of 500 mgs a week at times. He no longer has to take his blood pressure meds nor any medication for his glucose. He began taking ghrp-2 and mod 1-29 instead of going back on the hgh. His physician is unaware of the extra test his is taking and all of his markers look great. Im sure this is an individual thing so as long as a person is under a competent physicians care, I dont see the harm in it. BTW he’s 65 and looks 50. Sorry this is all I have to offer u on your question.


Heart attacks cause permanent damage to cardiac muscle (citation 2) and AAS may cause left ventricular hypertrophy and may cause pressure burdens and compensation (citation 1) . These two things in combination do not seem prudent to do. I suppose it would depend on the severity of the heart attack and the type and choice of AAS. Androgens seem to be the main contributor to LVS. I would lean more to the conservative side and say that it is not a great idea.

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