AAS for People Who've Had Heart Attack?

So what is your opinion on anabolic steroids usage (safe usage) among a little older people 45+, 50+ , after they have suffered some type of heart attack, and/or take regular beta anatgonists,aspirin etc to keep their blood pressure, heart rate at bay, but otherwise have a very healthy lifestyle, stamina, and great heart function (even though they have suffered a heart attack).

My 2 cents…My father-in-law suffered a heart attack 4 years ago.(triple bypass) he is also diabetic and takes blood pressure meds. At some point he was on 100mg a week of test cyp prescibed to him through the government.( Vietnam vet) and was also taking hGH through and anti-aging doctor. He has since quit using the GH because of the negative affects it has with the mertopolo(spelling??? Blood pressure meds) he was taking. He felt his test dose was too low and began supplementing to upwards of 500 mgs a week at times. He no longer has to take his blood pressure meds nor any medication for his glucose. He began taking ghrp-2 and mod 1-29 instead of going back on the hgh. His physician is unaware of the extra test his is taking and all of his markers look great. Im sure this is an individual thing so as long as a person is under a competent physicians care, I dont see the harm in it. BTW he’s 65 and looks 50. Sorry this is all I have to offer u on your question.

Heart attacks cause permanent damage to cardiac muscle (citation 2) and AAS may cause left ventricular hypertrophy and may cause pressure burdens and compensation (citation 1) . These two things in combination do not seem prudent to do. I suppose it would depend on the severity of the heart attack and the type and choice of AAS. Androgens seem to be the main contributor to LVS. I would lean more to the conservative side and say that it is not a great idea.

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I’m 45 years old and been working out seriously for the last 2.4 years and Wondering if How to even do a cycle and don’t even know who to trust

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Are you on TRT? If your test levels are good naturally, and you’ve had a heart attack - my suggestion is do not do a cycle. You’ll end up messing up your bloods way too much and the effects it may have on your health may be detrimental.
Don’t forget that some of us have genetics that make them more “immune” to heart disease, and I believe you’re not in that category.

You start by getting blood work done so that you have a baseline of where your blood profile is. Full blood panel including thyroid, hormones, cbc, lipids. Check the T-replacement Stickys for more information there.

Now, identify why you really want to start using steroids at your age while only been working out seriously for 2 1/2 years? Lot of people are going to say that isnt enough time to reach your natural potential as a lifter. But being your age already, time is not on our side.

Are you trying to lose weight? Add muscle? Feel young ? Mid-life crisis?

You might be a candidate for Testosterone replacement therapy but you do not need high dose anabolic steroids.

Describe symptoms? Where do you carry body fat? Mood swings? Libido? Morning Wood? Energy levels? Weight? Height? Body fat %?

For TrT, your standard beginning dose is going to be Test Cyp 100mgs a week. No AI’s no other compounds needed.

Just finished my workout for today and it wasn’t good
I didn’t have time to 1/4 mile before working out
Chest day I warmed up slow with 95 lbs benchpress 10 reps 2 sets
Then done some close press dumbbell with 30lbs
Then increased benchpress to 115, 2sets of 8reps
Then a set of dumbbell widepress
Then 135 lbs 2 sets of 10
Noticed my bycep injury flared up again so I slowly worked in some 20lbs preacher curls 2 sets of 10
Then went to curl machine and done 1 set of 55 lbs notices rt bycep tendon getting tighter
Streched it out between sets and attempted 1set of 65 lbs got to 5th rep and had to stop
This don’t make any sense because 5month ago I was curling 90 lbs with no problems

I took almost 2 months off because of hunting season I haven’t hunted in over 20 years and got excited about it this year. After taking this time off I have worked out twice a week for the last 3 weeks and haven’t had any problems until today but this morning I was extremely tired when I woke up I got a full night’s sleep but I’ve never been that sleepy before waking up on my workday I don’t know if my T levels are dropping or not. Would love to learn how to recover from this injury so I can get back to where I was I was bench pressing 185 lb 6 months ago my goal was 225 lb by last Christmas but I was only able to get one rep so this year I want to fully get 225 hopefully five reps would be nice by Springtime any advice on overcoming his injury would be awesome and I’m considering an April getting my T levels checked when I go back to the doctor

Myocardial infarction causes cardiac fibrosis, AAS use (at high doses for prolonged period of time) may cause cardiac fibrosis, LVH, endothelial dysfunction (and so on). All of which predispose/ increase the chance the user acquiring lethal arrythmias (saaaayy ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia is a common complication from cardiomyopathy and/or extreme LVH to the point where the hearts pumping capacity is impaired. Vtach that lasts longer than a few seconds can deteriorate to V-fib. Cardiac fibrosis is also a risk factor for arrythmia. The only case in which cardiac fibrosis is a good thing is in the case of cardiac ablation performed to correct electrical pathway abnormalities or arrythmias

Whether AAS can be used post heart attack, sure they can. Should they be? Probably not, then again I suppose it depends on the severity of the heart attack and individuals lifestyle. If the heart attack was caused by anabolic steroids it would be unwise to continue using them, however just because something is unwise to do doesn’t mean an individual will stop doing that thing. We as human beings tend to allow our vices to overcome us, if this wasn’t the case then every guy who is addicted to gambling would suddenly be like “well shit, this isn’t good so I’m going to stop doing it”. A heart attack in the bodybuilding scene is pretty much game over, you can’t use mega doses after a heart attack without serious risk, whether 200-250mg/wk is unfeasible post myocardial infarction I don’t know, however it seems like a bad idea to be running cycles once the heart is fucked up. Cardiomyopathy… Now that’s game over (if caused by AAS), if unlucky and it’s like myocarditis from viral infection and the condition regresses completely with treatment you may be able to use again

TLDR: don’t use AAS if you have a heart attack (although if I had a sudden heart attack at my age I’d probably still use at a later stage in my life, because I’d be so pissed off that I had a heart attack that I’d completely disregard longevity and probably find a way to justify the actions I would make. That’s just my hypothesis though.)

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