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AAS Don't Build Much Muscle Past 6 Weeks?

Anyone seen this in depth breakdown by MPMD?

Basically alluding that perhaps a majority of the gains you’ll get from a blast will top out at week 6. What’s everyone’s take on this?

I haven’t watched much of it yet. 6 weeks is when I usually start seeing gains, not when they stop. Depends on the type of steroid too, and the ester as well. I like long cycles and slow esters, the gains stay around longer.
There could be some truth in it for orals, and you wouldn’t want to run most of them at BB doses for more than 6 weeks because of liver stress.

I thought the point of the video was refuting that claim? Myostatin increases when started the cycle to a point, but then falls back to baseline past the 6 week mark.

Maybe I need to watch it again and pay more attention lol

After watching it again it doesn’t seem he comes up with a conclusion, but examines different possibilities

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This doesn’t seem to be that valid. 6 weeks in is where things start to happen in my experience at least. Even with prop I didn’t really notice much of anything until week 6/7.

Of course esters are a huge factor. This is mainly something that would argue for for example 580 mg of Tren Ace for 6 weeks instead of 350mg of Tren Ace for 10 weeks