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AAS Dictionary


This is my first post on here, been reading for weeks throughout multiple parts of this forum. I'd like to say that this is a pretty good community, lots of knowledge being spread here. Thanks for being dedicated enough to help out each other and the random people (like myself) that you know are reading.

I'm going through lots of these posts and I see that you guys have created many stickies that seem to be very useful, but when going through the stickies some of the terms are lost on me. This may be because I still have plenty of research to do and thats fine, but I thought an awesome addition to the "Best of AAS" would be a Dictionary or Term post.

I'm not equipped currently to generate one, and the search function didn't turn one up too quickly so I apologize if it exists. I just thought it would be a good addition for this great thing you got going on.

That's all I got. Keep up the great work guys.


Just use google.


www.meso-rx.com has lots of info on it...


Thanks, I'll be sure to check that out as I read more and more.