AAS Destroys Bones?

thats what i was thinking also Eales…

BBB, could you please explain why you think it is worth taking? Or what you know…! :slight_smile:

I can imagine that as Test isnt being made from cholesterol, the DHEA “step” is also missed, and therefore when exo test is being used and one is shut down DHEA WOULD need supplementing - but what effects does it have OTHER than being a pre-cursor?

Or is that totally off base? I always like a shot at a guess!


By way of visualization of BBBs post, consider the following picture of androgen metabolism…


dehydropepiandrosterone (DHEA) is up top, right by the Title Box. It is upstream of a lot of different androgens and estrogens. I won’t even pretend to be an expert on all of each one’s individual functions (we’re still figuring them all out by the way), but suffice to say it has additional pathways than simply converting to test.

It’s also secreted from the adrenals, btw.

Great map mate… love it. My new home page.

I love endocrinology.