AAS Cycle and Effects on EEG

I have a ? for everyone out there…and expecially Prisoner (because of the med. background)
would a AAS cycle, or HGH, or any other “drug” we are bound to take…have any effects at all on an EEG??

noone have any ideas?..
what about supps. like Spike, or Power Drive?

Back when I used to work in a clinic, I’d mess around with the EEG when I got bored.

Results were roughly the same, whether on or off a cycle of any sort.

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The only way an EEG would change is if you suffered some sort of head injury - where brain damage occured. EEG’s are good for sniffing out stuff like siezures, e.t.c.

AAS doesn’t change the pathways/ electrical activity of your brain.