AAS & Calorie Zig-Zag

This is my first post, following 2 years of visiting the site and absorbing information.

I would appreciate any feedback on the following idea:

Instead of following the “traditional” routine of first “bulking” and then “cutting”, couldn’t you incorporate both into a single cycle ?

Example: Imagine a 12-week cycle of Primo Depot, at - say - 600 mg per week. The trainee would then spend 2 weeks on a “mass” eating program (clean eating, attention to macros, at a good over-maintenance %).

Following this, the trainee would go on a 2-week V-Diet-type diet, and also use Clen to maximize fat-burning.

Repeat 3 x , voila, a 12 week cycle of Primo & Clen.

My hypothesis - and question - is this: Would such an approach not be effective as regards gaining quality muscle while simultaneously preventing fat buildup ?

yes it would help to limit any fat gain, but I think the potential muscle mass you can gain throughout the entire cycle will make it more worth your time. i suggest you decide to go one way or the other(bulk/cut).if you want to keep fat gain absolutely minumum then go on an extremelly clean bulk. good luck


Thanks for the responses gents.

I first got the idea after reading Hatfield’s description of Evander Hollyfield’s conditioning program. Apparently, his diet was “zig-zagged” so as to impart muscle gains while “simultaneously” dropping fat.

Good point regarding the frequency - 1 week on/off might be a better idea.

I will give this a go for my next Spring cycle and post results.


Yes, you can.

For example having one week at quite low calories such as 10 or 11 cal per lb LBM and then the next week at proper gaining calories, such as maintenance plus 1000, can give outstanding results of both first excellent fat loss and then in the second week, nearly as much gains as might have occurred had both weeks been intended for gaining.

Probably the training stimulus from at least the second half of the dieting week carries over to the gaining week, as one possible explanation of this outcome.

Unless you ran a 16 to 20 week cycle I think you would be less then impressed with what you got. Maybe even a 12 weeker where you bulked and used lots of androgens for 6 then switched to mainly anabolics and cut up. Obviously the more time you gave yourself to work on each phase the more impressive the results.

I’ve tried to do this on quite a few summer cycles and now I prefer to do a BTPB style of cycling wich is fairly similar depending on how you structure your cycle for your goals. Some guys try to do it in too short a peroid of time and come up with half assed results.