AAS articles

here is a quote from this weeks reader mail in response to a guy asking why there isnt that many steroid articles here on the MAG anymore:

"As Editor-in-chief, I respond largely to reader input and frankly, we get little bang-for-our-buck when it comes to steroid articles. No one, and I repeat, no one writes in after a steroid article and says, “Hey, great article! If more people did that, well then we’d run more of them.”

who here would like to see more steroid articles? i sure would. maybe if we generate some kind of response, they will come…


You bet! I would love to see some updated steriod articles. I’ve been searching the previous issues and all I’ve been finding is old info. It’d be great to see some new material on this topic as I believe there are quite a few ‘steriod virgins’ out there like me who are trying to get their hands on any info they can to educate themselves enough to build a good cycle for themselves. We’re just not posting in the forum or typing e-mails, cause we’re afraid of getting flamed out huge. It was nice to read that e-mail and hear that someone has finally questioned T-mag if they’re going to remain loyal to what they set out to be (a hardcore mag for the hardcore guy), or if they’re going the route of MM. For all the T-men out there hopefully it’s the former and not the latter.

My 2 cents anyway,

In my opinion, Cy Willson needs a weekly article.

I love Cy articles we need a lot more.
I need to keep up on latest info. More AAS

Thanks, Ken


i cant understand a response like that…

just cause people dont write feedback giving T-Mag a ‘pat on the back’ for putting out a steroid article? how 'bout we look at it this way…since around the time bill roberts left and cy wilson’s articles started appearing less frequently…the steroid forum has seen a TREMENDOUS dip and traffic and participation. any correlation between the two? yeah, i think so.

bringing back more steroid articles would certainly bring back more traffic to the steroid forum- which is obviously nowhere near its former glory.

3x nailed it! lets keep it coming…

I agree, we need more articles on steroids. This is a bodybuilding magazine and steroids play a big role in bodybuilding, and performance, etc. I would also like to see more people writing about steroids, Cy’s articles are great, but is nice to see others opinions who are “experts”. I do understand the mags point of view about not writing them because of low feedback. Its the same as advertising, if people are not telling a compnay that they got their info from a particular advertisment, then that advertisment will end. I hope this thread gets us more info, as we can never have enough. Hey how about one the THG and Balco…hmmmm

I am going to have to agree with you guys. AAS articles are always great coming from the T-staff.

“I do understand the mags point of view about not writing them because of low feedback. Its the same as advertising, if people are not telling a compnay that they got their info from a particular advertisment, then that advertisment will end.”

I dont agree. It would be one thing if T-Mag was proactive in their ‘market research’ by sending out questionairres, holding focus groups, etc. to determine what people want to see in the weekly mag. This way, they could gain a true feel for what the readers want. Gauging the market by “lack of unsolicited reader feedback” is a very ineffective approach. Sorry, and no offense to the people that do…but i dont have time to sit at my comp and send out a kiss-ass, “thumbs up” email to T-mag everytime i read something that i like.

So, yeah, more steroids, please…

I think Cy should get his own forum section like Waterbury did for awhile.


I definitely agree, and in fact, I e-mailed TC about it yesterday…

I’m throwing my hat into the ring. As a former Mr. Monterey Bay, I was priveliged to enjoy the '80s, before AAS were Schedule 3, when you had your pick of twenty or more compounds. As I have suggested more than once, some contemporaries may be interested in what used to be available, why they were developed, defacto experience and results, and why some have disappeared. What are international atheltes enjoying that aren’t readily available here? If your boys are too busy, send me out in the field. What does the rest rest of the world think?

I agree. More AAS articles. Let’s put the “T” back into T-Mag.

True, the steroid forum was at its height when we had Cy and Bill posting. Let’s not forget guys like SWALE who contributed so much.

I think AAS articles are valuable for those interested in the HRT aspect as well.

More Articles!!
Advanced ones like how to use aas and other drugs for sports and beat tests.

Or you can always just run beginner type articles about peoples results with certain cycles. Cutters and mass builders with workouts and diets. Long cycles vs. numerous short ones.

Updates on UG brands.

Let’s see them…I would appreciate it.

I already sent my vote to TC.

Please, Please, Please give us more!!

Yeah, I’ve been in the silent but pissed and wondering WTF is going on majority here I think. My email is going out today.

Hell yeah. More steroid articles. That is what originally got me hooked on this site…great training and “supplement” articles. To be honest …I don’t even read the Beat our caption section. Doesnt interest me.